Happy Fitness Friday!

Happy Fitness Friday, everyone! 

It's been well over 2 weeks without a fitness post, so get ready because this is going to be a good one!

There are a TON of workout plans out there and to be honest, it can be a little overwhelming. I've tried lots of different approaches to "burning fat" while trying to retain muscle and after several years of trial and error, Ive finally found HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to be one of the most beneficial. HIIT is quick! 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off! All you'll need is your body and a timer. I suggest downloading HIIT timer app. Works just as well as the real thing! Through this workout there are 3 key things to remember.

First - BREATHE. Controlled breathing is so important when getting through any cardio/HIIT. We tend to forget sometimes and this causes us to become fatigued and not get a good workout in. Breathe in all that wonderful oxygen and breathe all that carbon dioxide out!

Secondly - FORM. You will get more out of your workout with proper form than without. You'll target intended muscles and risk of injury decreases. Don't rush.

Third - This is your "ME" time. This is the time to make every burped, tricep dip, and toe tap count. You'll thank yourself later!

*I always recommend a short, but effective warm up. Whether it's jumping jacks and high knees or dancing for 5 minutes. Warm Up!!!

*Set your timer for 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off but don't forget to take breaks where your body asks for them.

1. B U R P E E S 
They're meant to be explosive and killer. Jump high in the hair and land with your feet shoulder   width apart. Place your hands on the ground in between your feet leading into a squat position. Thrust your legs back landing in a high plank. Bring your feet back into sweat position and jump back into the air. Repeat.
2. J U M P  L U N G E S 
Beginning in a standing position, move one leg forward into a regular lunge making sure your knee does not pass your toe. Your leg should be in a 90-degree angle. Over extending could result in injury so this is very important. From here, jump in the air, alternating legs, landing in another lunge. Repeat.
3. T O E  T A P S
Toe taps can be donjon a bench, on a medicine ball, or stairs. Place one foot on the higher surface, leaving the other on the ground. As fitness guru Beverly Cheng says, use your arms for momentum and pushing through your heel, jump in the air switching legs. Do as many as you can for the 30 seconds. 
4. T R I C E P  D I P S
Place your hands facing you, shoulder width apart on a chair or bench. With your feet in from of you at  90 degree angle, slide down in front of your bench or chair to the bottom leaving your arms at a 90 degree angle. Keep your back close to the object you are using. Once at the bottom, press through your hands lifting your body back to beginning position. I can't express how much of a great workout this is to target those triceps.
5. S K A T E R S
From the standing position, bring your right leg up behind your left leg leaving it in the air and squatting down while using your arms for balance. As you bring your right leg back in, use the momentum to jump over to the right landing on your right leg and bringing your left leg behind your right. Keep your hands up and core tight. This will help you keep stable! 
If you do this workout, let me know! You can find me on IG or shoot me an email here. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Talk soon!

The Avila Flock

Per usual, Houston weather was a pain in the butt all week long. But that didn't stop us from taking a little time to visit The Orange Show with the Avila flock in tow. Mother nature was cooperating a bit at first but just like a child, the mood flipped in an instant, momma threw a fit and we found ourselves with the wind blowing, followed by a heavy rainstorm, and finally just cloudy weather. Did we let that crush our mood? NOT. ONE. BIT. We had lollipops waiting in the horizon at the end of this shoot after all ;) 

So I leave you with pictures from our day with some of the funnest coworkers I've had in a while, the kids. One rainstorm, one broken lollipop, but many smiles later. 

Talk soon!

Mama To Be

You'd think I'm being too extra when I say Jordan is the prettiest pregnant woman I've EVER seen. Is she my friend? Yes. Does that make me biased? Not at all! ;) I mean look at her you guys, she is just glowing. In about 3 months she'll have two little humans in her arms and a full house. So of course, we have to take all the pictures we can during these 9 months. 

The day was hot. Hella hot. 102 degrees to be exact. Did she complain about being outside in this heat though? Not one negative comment, NOT ONE. I'm not joking either. The entire session was chill as could be, so other than the literal sweat we were producing, the day itself was a piece of cake. So please, take a look at her session, the happiness and peace just exudes from that woman! And I don't want it to go unmentioned because I do find it incredibly sweet and it deserves a round of applause...But her husband. Cesar, dad to be of two, was the most helpful for lugging stuff around, going on a water run, getting the ice pops, and being her hype man. That's the stuff you don't see in pictures, although she's in the shots alone, there is a real partnership, a real team. 

Talk soon and stay hydrated! 

Fitness Fridays: Treat Meal Saturday

Drive to Old Town Spring for amazing BBQ, they said. It'll be worth it, they said.

Oh and it was!

Saturday was a treat meal kind of day. Yes, you read that correctly. A TREAT MEAL! I heard the phrasing recently and it struck a huge cord with me. I figure, I work hard so I get to play hard. Bree, Mel and I played so hard...food comas had to be had.

I give the same amount of energy and thought to my food as I do my workouts. Meal prepped food and treat meals alike. As I'm sure some of you have heard, "Fail to plan, plan to fail." I have learned to trust that saying like y'all wouldn't believe. Most of us can't live a life of luxury where we have every meal made for us and get to lounge around all day waiting for the next workout. I stay busy. I work 12 hour shifts, care for my home and my fur kids, workout, and make time for social activities. With that being said, there is room for failure! I highly recommend to everyone and anyone I meet that if you're working towards losing weight/leaning out/gaining muscle, prepare your meals according to those goals. Don't think of meal prepping as a chore, rather as a gift to yourself. Also, it truly does help prevent "angry" situations where eyeballing Whataburger becomes an option during your work days! I'm looking at you reader because I too have been there!

Remember - food prep does NOT have to be boring. Mixing it up is where it's at! I was stuck on eating my Greek yogurt with granola, strawberries, raspberries and honey for a long while. While it worked, I found more foods that eventually fit my caloric intake and tasted just as good! It' all about trying alternatives and diving into foods that you've never tried before. Be adventurous and open.

And when that weekend hits and you know you've given your workouts and meals your all, as Donna and Tom say: TREAT.YO.SELF.

Whatever your goals are, make plans! I know this may sound like everything else you may have heard, but in order to make your goals a reality, you gotta put a plan in motion!

See you next week!