It is exactly the kind of town that makes you ask yourself, "Where the fuck are we?" But it is the perfect place for a birthday weekend getaway with friends.

The drive to West Texas was not as bad as the numbers made it seem, a total of 18 hours and 1,204 miles. We made sure to prep with enough snacks, podcasts, and tunes. The first impression was most definitely... small. It's a small quiet desert town. But what it lacks in chain restaurants and stores, it makes up for in art and charm.

To be completely honest, this was also the first trip that my friend Syl and I didn't plan to every detail. Every other trip we've taken, we are super organized, have an itinerary and schedule we religiously abide by. But this trip was different. I'll admit we each had our bits of stress in life since the last time we took a trip together so this weekend was absolutely NECESSARY. My friend turns a year wiser next month but due to work, a month early was the best we do to get away. So we take what we can and I went ahead and booked a teepee for a birthday weekend getaway. We feasted like kweens, I spent too much on soap and books, and of course, we visited some art exhibits. And I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't cry when I laid on the floor and stared out into sky. It was absolutely stunning and breathtaking. The bright stars, the quaint town, the mix of old and new, and even the odd store hours, seriously Marfa, what's that about? I'd be back in a heartbeat, better yet, I didn't want to leave to begin with.

Talk soon!


P.S. Fair warning, too many pictures below from around town!

Sabrina's Baptism